New PhD Opportunity

The IBMB is happy to announce an opening for a new PhD Candidate in Biomedical Ethics. Please find the information concerning the position and the project in the PDF.

Prof. Dr. Bernice Elger has been elected Hastings Center Fellow

The head of our institute, Prof. Dr. Bernice Elger, is one of the 24 newly elected Fellows of the Hastings Center. The Hastings Center, located in Garrison, NY, USA, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization created from multiple…

Master Thesis by Elisa Elhadj

Since the beginning of September, Elisa Elhadj, a master student in European Global Studies, has the exciting opportunity to write her master thesis in a collaboration between the IBMB and the Institute for European Global Studies (EIB)…

New Article: "Risk, Responsibility, Rudeness, and Rules: The Loneliness of the Social Distance Warrior" by

We have a responsibility to obey COVID-19 rules, in order to minimize risk. Yet it is still seen as rude to challenge people who do not respect those rules, when in fact the opposite is true; it is rude to increase risk to others. In this…

Several new Articles published by PD Dr. Stuart Roger Mc Lennan

A variety of recently published articles with contributions from PD Dr. Stuart Roger Mc Lennan, lecturer at the IBMB, can be find below:

PhD Defense of Helene Seaward on July 7th, 2021

Topic: Challenges in the mental health care of older incarcerated persons

New article: "Intentional machines: A defence of trust in medical artificial intelligence", by Georg Starke, Rik van den Brule, Bernice Simone Elger, and Pim Haselager

Trust constitutes a fundamental strategy to deal with risks and uncertainty in complex societies. In line with the vast literature stressing the importance of trust in doctor–patient relationships, trust is therefore regularly suggested as…

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the IBMB

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Institute for Biomedical Ethics of the University of Basel, we are organizing a series of online events and seminars that will promote the Institute's activities, research and outreach throughout…

Prof. Dr. Bernice Elger receives Most Instructive Lecturer Award (3d place)

With this certificate, the students of the fifth year course of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Basel thank the professor for her excellent lectures and her commitment

PhD Defense Lester Geneviève on May 12, 2021

Topic: Precision Health Approaches: Ethical considerations for health data processing