Prof. Dr. Bernice Elger receives Most Instructive Lecturer Award (3d place)

With this certificate, the students of the fifth year course of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Basel thank the professor for her excellent lectures and her commitment

PhD Defense Lester Geneviève on May 12, 2021

Topic: Precision Health Approaches: Ethical considerations for health data processing

New article: 'It’s not something you can take in your hands'. Swiss experts’ perspectives on health data ownership: an interview-based study by Andrea Martani, Lester Darryl Geneviève, Berenice Elger and Tenzin Wangmo

The evolution of healthcare and biomedical research into data-rich fields has raised several questions concerning data ownership. In this paper, the authors aimed to analyse the perspectives of Swiss experts on the topic of health data…

New contribution: Clinical Priority Setting and Decision-Making in Sweden: A Cross-sectional Survey Among Physicians by Catharina Drees, Barbro Krevers, Niklas Ekerstad, Annette Rogge, Christoph Borzikowsky, Stuart Mc Lennan, Alena M. Buyx

Priority setting in healthcare that aims to achieve a fair and efficient allocation of limited resources is a worldwide challenge. Sweden has developed a sophisticated approach. Still, there is a need for a more detailed insight on how…

New article: "Triaging ethical issues in the coronavirus pandemic: how to prioritize bioethics research during public health emergencies" by Dr. David Shaw

Much of the ethical discourse concerning the coronavirus pandemic has focused on the allocation of scarce resources, be it potentially beneficial new treatments, ventilators, intensive care beds, or oxygen. Somewhat ironically, the more…

PhD Opportunities at IBMB 2021

We are currently looking for three dynamic and independent graduate students (Master’s degree) or medical doctors who are interested in carrying out their PhD work in biomedical ethics or bioethics.

Maddalena Favaretto's PhD Defense

The Institute is proud to announce the public defense of one of its PhD Candidates, Ms. Maddalena Favaretto. She will defend her dissertation “Big data, bigger challenges. On the ethical impact of Big Data on scholarly research practices". …

Interview with Dr. David Shaw: "Everyone has a responsibility to protect others from the virus"

In his interview with Bajour, Dr. David Shaw discusses responsibility with regards to the Covid vaccine.

New manuscript by Andrea Martani, Marta Tomasi, and Carlo Casonato: RE: “I think it’s been met with a shrug:” Oncologists’ views toward and experiences with Right-to-Try

At first sight, ‘Right-to-Try’ legislation seems to promise unconstrained access to experimental drugs. But is this really the case? For a reflection on the distance between ‘law-in-books’ and ‘law-in-action’ check this brief contribution…

Ten simple rules to fight fake news during the Coronavirus pandemic

"Coronavirus and our duty to fight fake news: 10 simple rules", a new contribution to the Journal of Medical Ethics Blog by Dr. David Shaw.