CV of Milenko Rakic

Expertise/Research field: With a background in Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (M. Sc. from the University of Bern, 2014), Milenko Rakic is a third year PhD candidate at the Institute of Biomedical Ethics, University of Basel, Switzerland. Milenko’s research project focuses on self-determination of palliative care patients and is funded by the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences. His research interests include patients’ self-determination in palliative care as well as in clinical trials with cutting edge biotechnology. He was trained in both qualitative and quantitative research. Additionally, he is doing a Master in Health Promotion at the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland.

Main Publications: Milenko Rakic’s publications in peer-reviewed journals include work on patient autonomy regarding clinical trials in the field of synthetic biology; patient participation in research ethics committee; burden and hope in palliative care. He has disseminated the results of his research at national and international conferences.

Stations of work: Milenko Rakic is currently working as a research assistant at the Institute for Biomedical Ethics at the University of Basel. Prior to that, he worked as an assistant in medical coding at the University Children Hospital Basel, Switzerland. His main duties were to check for patient documentation, findings and reports in the hospital information system. Moreover, he created reports of missing documents for the hospital internal needs.


Milenko Rakic
Former Member
Institute of Biomedical Ethics
Bernoullistrasse 28
4056 Basel