CV of Éloïse Gennet

Research fields: Éloïse Gennet is a French PhD student doing a joint PhD (Cotutelle de thèse) between the university of Aix-Marseille in France and the university of Basel in Switzerland. She is specialized in European health law, bioethics and fundamental rights. Her PhD topic focuses on European legal and ethical principles related to biomedical research (Council of Europe as well as European Union), especially regarding vulnerable persons. Outside of her PhD, of particular interest to her are also elderly persons regarding their vulnerability, their access to healthcare and the respect of their fundamental rights in the field of biomedicine.

Experience: Éloïse Gennet has gained a lot of experience through the years, both interdisciplinary and international experiences, notably with an internship at the Espace Éthique Méditerrannéen at the Hospital La Timone in Marseille, a four years assistant position at the medical faculty of Basel at the institute for biomedical ethics (IBMB), and an internship at the Council of Europe within the bioethics unit.

Publications: Her recent first author publications include: Les personnes âgées vulnérables dans les recherches biomédicales : quelles réponses du droit européen? (Journal International de Bioéthique, 2016) ; Paediatric research under the new EU regulation on clinical trials : old issues new challenges (European Journal of Health Law, 2016) ; Does the new EU Regulation on clinical trials adequately protect vulnerable research participants? (Health Policy, 2015).

Éloïse Gennet
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