CV of Bettina Zimmermann

Expertise / Research field: Dr. phil. des. Bettina Zimmermann is a Postdoctoral Fellow (50%) at IBMB, working on a self-funded project entitled "A Fair Reimbursement System for Orphan Drugs" (FROND). In this project, she is conducting a systematic review of reason to analyse the existing literature on the ethical issues of orphan drug reimbursement. A newspaper content analysis will add the societal perspective to the analysis. The project is funded by the Käthe Zingg-Schwichtenberg fonds.

Stations of work: Dr. phil. des. Bettina Zimmermann holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication Science (University of Fribourg, Switzerland) and a Master of Science in Molecular Medicine (Uppsala University, Sweden). Her PhD thesis was about the decision making and information strategies for presymptomatic genetic testing. Since April 2020, In addition to her work at IBMB, Bettina is working 50% as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for History and Ethics of Medicine at TU Munich, where she is involved in the projects SolPan and TherVacB.

Awards / Memberships: Bettina received the SAMS Kätze Zingg-Schwichtenberg seed grant for junior researchers. In June 2019, she won a best poster award for junior researchers at the European Conference of Human Genetics. She is an alumni of the Swiss Study Foundation and member of the Swiss think tank reatch, which aims to promote the exchange of science, politics and the public. 


Bettina Zimmermann
PhD Student
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