New publication: Factors associated with post-acute discharge location after hospital stay: a cross-sectional study from a Swiss hospital

Bettina M. Zimmermann, Insa Koné, Michael Rost, Agnes Leu, Tenzin Wangmo, Bernice S. Elger

New publication: Participatory Disease Surveillance Systems: Ethical Framework

Lester Darryl Geneviève, Andrea Martani, Tenzin Wangmo, Daniela Paolotti, Carl Koppeschaar, Charlotte Kjelsø, Caroline Guerrisi, Marco Hirsch, Olivia Woolley-Meza, Paul Lukowicz, Antoine Flahault, Bernice Simone Elger

New Publication: Big Data and discrimination: perils, promises and solutions. A systematic review. M. Favaretto, E. De Clercq, S. Elger

Abstract: Background Big Data analytics such as credit scoring and predictive analytics offer numerous opportunities but also raise considerable concerns, among which the most pressing is the risk of discrimination. Although this issue…

Award: Prix Jean-Marie Auby 2019 goes to Eloïse Gennet for her doctoral dissertation Vulnerable people and clinical trials. Reflexions in European law

Every second year, the French Association for Health Law is awarding a PhD prize. Eloïse Gennet is one of the two PhD graduates to have been awarded the "Prix Jean-Marie Auby 2019" for her doctoral dissertation entitled "Vulnerable people…

Award: Prix de droit européen, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Aix-Marseille University, France

PhD prize in European law for the best thesis on a topic related to European Union law or European law. Title: VULNERABLE PEOPLE AND CLINICAL TRIALS Reflections on European law.  Dr. Éloïse Gennet.

New publication: Palliative care initiation in pediatric oncology patients: A systematic review

Brian T. Cheng; Michael Rost; Eva De Clercq; Louisa Arnold; Bernice S. Elger; Tenzin Wangmo

Studie zum Unterstützungsbedarf von pflegenden Angehörigen

Im Rahmen eines Forschungsprojekts an der Universität Basel werden pflegende Angehörige und Freunde von an ALS erkrankten Personen zu ihrem Unterstützungsbedarf interviewt. Für das Projekt werden noch Teilnehmende gesucht, die sich derzeit…

Symposium: Ethical Issues in Big Data Research, 29. November 2018

Big Data is increasingly used in science, the humanities and medicine and to generate novel evidence based findings across multiple disciplines. However, research using big data also raises important ethical questions. The aim of the…

IBMB Interdisciplinary Bioethics School, 16.-18. October 2018

The workshop is open to all interested persons. Please register at Flyer Bioethics School 2018

Förderpreis der Josef und Luise Kraft-Stiftung München, "Menschenrechte und Ethik in der Medizin für Ältere", 2018

The award (second prize) has been attributed to PD Dr. Tenzin Wangmo, Dr. Violet Handtke, Dr. Wiebke Bretschneider and Prof.  Dr. Bernice Elger from IBMB for their research on „Menschenrechte und Ethik: Die Gesundheitsversorgung von…