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The Institute for Biomedical Ethics at the University of Basel (IBMB) is a vibrant centre for research on and teaching about ethical issues in medicine and the biosciences. The Institute was founded in 2011 and is affiliated with both the Science and Medical Faculties at the University of Basel – a unique situation for an ethics institute in Switzerland.

The IBMB has over a dozen PhD students and a team of senior researchers and post-docs working on a wide variety of projects in biomedical ethics. The IBMB’s researchers are committed to an interdisciplinary endeavour aimed at finding ethical solutions to dilemmas raised by both new and traditional practices in biomedical ethics, including cutting-edge technologies, organ donation, palliative care, and research in developing countries, to name only a few. Our research combines empirical fieldwork, including interviews with stakeholders and members of the public, and normative, theoretical analysis. IBMB researchers have won several grants from the SNF, SAMW and other major funders and frequently publish in major bioethics, medical and science journals.

IBMB members are also highly involved in teaching, providing ethics courses for undergraduate students and postgraduate scientists and doctors. A variety of courses are open to the public, including the twice-yearly “Contemporary Issues in Bioethics” lecture series that integrates a lively dialogue with visiting speakers.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, are looking for a PhD student or post-doc job, need ethical input on your own project, or would like us to provide ethics related courses/workshops for your students or research team, please get in touch with us!


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More than 50 IBMB Publications in 2024!

So far in 2024, IBMB members have published more than 50 journal articles, book chapters and other scientific works.

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10th DBE Research Day

On Wednesday, 21 August 2024, the Department of Biomedical Engineering is celebrating its 10th Research Day, the very first significant birthday of the youngest of all Departments at the University of Basel.

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New article by PD Dr. Stuart McLennan in npj | Digital Medicine

Competing interests: digital health and indigenous data sovereignty
Photo by Marco Finsterwald

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EXPLaiN project in Zürich

Investigators and researchers met on the 4th and 5th of June in Zurich to present and discuss the results of all research conducted under NRP77 (Digital Transformation).

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NRP79 Programme meeting 2024

On June 14th the current Animal Ethics Projects of the IBMB (Explore 3R, Implement 3R and Think3R) participated in the 3rd Annual Meeting of the National Research Programme 79 unfolded in Lausanne with a focus on implementation.
Collage Summer School AREL

AREL Summer School concluded successfully last Thursday

International and national speakers from, Germany, Finland, Portugal and Switzerland presented their thoughts on the Ethics and Law of Animal Research. These lectures were followed by a Workshop activity where attendees discussed related…
AREL Summer School

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AREL Summer School

Local and international speakers give lectures on animals in research from the point of view of Ethics and Law.

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PhD Opportunity in Biomedical Ethics and/or Social Psychology

The PhD position is part of an exciting research project on loneliness and social exclusion. Start possible between June and September 2024, duration 3 years.

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New Article by PD Dr. Stuart McLennan

PD Dr. Stuart McLennan published a new study on artificial intelligence in intensive care medicine. Read his article here: Building a house without foundations? A 24-country qualitative interview study on artificial intelligence in…

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Symposium on the Ethical Challenges of AI in Medicine

Save the Date: 29 October 2024 - Basel University Hospital and online via Zoom
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