/ Nadine Andrea Felber

5 PhD Opportunities at the IBMB, starting this Fall

Application deadline is the 15th of July 2022

We are currently looking for five dynamic and independent graduate students (Master’s degree) or medical doctors who are interested in pursuing their PhD in biomedical ethics. 

Three of the PhD Positions are related to the "3R" approach in animal experiments (Replace - Reduce - Refine). Please find more information by clicking on the Titles: 

“EXPLOR3R: Exploring 3R with experimental ethics”

"Implementing 3Rs in Switzerland: an interdisciplinary in-depth exploration of barriers and facilitators [Implement-3R]" 

"3R-sTrategies and Harm-benefIt analysis: uNderstanding decision-maKing and improving con-sistency and accountability in animal experiment evaluations in Switzerland [THINK-3R]"

Another PhD opportunity is related to the ethics of triage: "making in times of scarce resources: A mixed-method study”

Lastly, there is an open-track PhD opportunity.

All PhD Programs start in Fall 2022. The application deadline is July 15th 2022.