Contemporary Debates in Bioethics: Diversifying the views of AI in healthcare


Instructor: Prof. Bernice Elger and invitees

Coordinators: Nadine Andrea Felber and Laura Arbelaez


Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of this course, you will be able to think critically about technology - both its narratives and concepts - to identify challenges and opportunities of Artificial intelligence (AII that are only seldom discussed while reflecting on alternative views of what is necessary for AI in healthcare to be fair and safe.  

Purpose of the Lecture

New generations of medical doctors, scientists, philosophers and ethicists will increasingly have to interact with AI. This development will have an impact on how we seek health, how we work in healthcare and how we live in society. Although AI is often an over-discussed topic in academia and media, there are specific opportunities and challenges that are equally often overlooked, undervalued or underestimated. For example, the positive and negative impact of AI in health inequalities, how to advocate for good AI, the threats  of AI to a more just healthcare, among others. Therefore, these lectures will aim to broaden your perspective on AI by providing you with a critical analysis that brings you a more complete view and starts preparing you for the AI future.


Course requirements

To pass this course you are required to

  1. Attend at least 7 lectures and participate actively. In case of unavoidable further absences, please contact us. These can possibly be compensated by an additional assignment (e.g. an additional short essay)
  2. Write a short essay on a topic of your interest (could be on a topic discussed during the lectures but does not have to be)


We Are Here for You

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Course Structure

Most lectures will take place on Mondays from 12:15 to 13:30 (except the lectures on the 28th of February and 14th of March). When the situation permits, we will try to have hybrid sessions with in person meetings following all the regulatory constraints by the university of Basel.


We will use the same Zoom during the entire semester :





28/Feb/22 *(at 15h to 16:30)

Health Innovation with AI

Hema Lakkaraju


Holiday (fasnacht)

14/Mar/22 *(at 13:00 to 14:30)

Advocating and volunteering for humanity AI

Ryan Carrier


AI, traveling and covid-19

Ajintha Pathmanathan


Empathy and AI

Prof. Angeliki Kerasidou


Blindsided by privacy and private companies

Prof. Tamar Sharon


Holiday (Easter break)


Holiday (Easter break)


AI and aging populations

Prof. Anja Leist


The Rights of Personal AI’s: How Relational Ontology Can Reframe the Turing Test

Dr. Stephen Milford


AI ethics and the need for diversifying the voices

Nadine Felber and Laura Arbelaez


Justice, Women in digital health (intersectionality)

Dr. Tereza Hendl and Dr. Bianca Jansky