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The Institute for Biomedical Ethics at the University of Basel (IBMB) is a vibrant centre for research on and teaching about ethical issues in medicine and the biosciences. The Institute was founded in 2011 and is affiliated with both the Science and Medical Faculties at the University of Basel – a unique situation for an ethics institute in Switzerland.

The IBMB has over a dozen PhD students and a team of senior researchers and post-docs working on a wide variety of projects in biomedical ethics. The IBMB’s researchers are committed to an interdisciplinary endeavour aimed at finding ethical solutions to dilemmas raised by both new and traditional practices in biomedical ethics, including cutting-edge technologies, organ donation, palliative care, and research in developing countries, to name only a few. Our research combines empirical fieldwork, including interviews with stakeholders and members of the public, and normative, theoretical analysis. IBMB researchers have won several grants from the SNF, SAMW and other major funders and frequently publish in major bioethics, medical and science journals.

IBMB members are also highly involved in teaching, providing ethics courses for undergraduate students and postgraduate scientists and doctors. A variety of courses are open to the public, including the twice-yearly “Contemporary Issues in Bioethics” lecture series that integrates a lively dialogue with visiting speakers.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, are looking for a PhD student or post-doc job, need ethical input on your own project, or would like us to provide ethics related courses/workshops for your students or research team, please get in touch with us!

Symposium in honor of Prof. P. J. Meier-Abt: A Culture of Collaboration

The University of Basel, together with the Research Ethics Committee of the Canton of Zurich, the University of Zurich and swissethics, invites you to an international scientific symposium.

New Publication: Re-focusing explainability in medicine

Laura Arbelaez Ossa, Georg Starke, Giorgia Lorenzini, Julia E Vogt, David M Shaw1 and Bernice Simone Elger

New Publication: Machine learning applications in healthcare and the role of informed consent: Ethical and practical considerations

Giorgia Lorenzini , David Martin Shaw, Laura Arbelaez Ossa and Bernice Simone Elger1,

Join our online-event “Building a career in biomedicine" on Thursday, 24.03.22, 18h30

We are inviting you to a session on 24th of March at 18:30 – 20:00 focusing on “Building a career in biomedicine". We have invited two very successful biomedical research leaders to give us a glimpse into their success and the challenges…

Dr. David Shaw's Interview with the NCCR Automation

In this interview, Dr. Davis Shaw explains why automation and ethics cannot be separated and what he plans to work on in the context of the NCCR Automation.

Symposium "A Culture of Collaboration" 19.7.2022 - Save the Date

The University of Basel, together with the Research Ethics Committee of the Canton Zürich and swissethics, invites you to an international scientific symposium in honor of Prof. Peter Meier-Abt. It will take place on July 19, 2022 in Basel.

IBMB 10h Anniversary: Check out the upcoming events!

Visit the website: https://ibmb.unibas.ch/en/outreach/ibmb-10th-anniversary/

Online Event: Building a Career in Pediatrics, 08.02.21, 17h00-18h30

Join us on our first event centered around career, motivations and ethics to celebrate the IBMB's 10th Anniversary. The aim of the event is to have an open, honest dialogue about the successes, challenges, pitfalls and system errors of…

New PhD Opportunity

The IBMB is happy to announce an opening for a new PhD Candidate in Biomedical Ethics. Please find the information concerning the position and the project in the PDF.

Prof. Dr. Bernice Elger has been elected Hastings Center Fellow

The head of our institute, Prof. Dr. Bernice Elger, is one of the 24 newly elected Fellows of the Hastings Center. The Hastings Center, located in Garrison, NY, USA, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization created from multiple…

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