Interview with Dr. David Shaw: "Everyone has a responsibility to protect others from the virus"

In his interview with Bajour, Dr. David Shaw discusses responsibility with regards to the Covid vaccine.

"Everyone has a responsibility to protect others from the virus"

"Three vaccines against Covid-19 are within reach. Now the question is: Who will be vaccinated first? Will it become mandatory? Should vaccinated people be given more privileges? We have checked with a medical ethicist." writes Bajour.

"Astra Zeneca, Biontech, Moderna - these three pharmaceutical companies have already announced that they have developed effective vaccines against corona. Switzerland has already secured 4.5 million doses of vaccine for Moderna and up to 5.3 million doses for Astra Zeneca.

In Basel-Stadt, according to the Department of Health, first the persons at risk are to be vaccinated, that is about 40'000 people. There are already plans to set up a vaccination center at the trade fair, but this has not yet been officially confirmed, even though there is much to be said for it. Many things are still unclear, but the topic of vaccination will become very important in the coming weeks and months. David Shaw, medical ethicist from the University of Basel, will provide interesting insights into the ethical questions surrounding vaccination against Covid-19."

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