Talk by Prof. Dr. Elger at a UZH public event about loneliness and mental health during and after Covid-19, and new research project


Discover [INCLUDE]: INtegrating loneliness mitigation measures in pandemic management plans: An interdisCiplinary in-depth expLoration of psychologically and ethically sUitable interventions to DecreasE social isolation

Our project aims to explore loneliness as a critical factor in mental health during and beyond Covid-19 pandemic. Even before the pandemic, 1/5 to 1/3 of the global population suffered from loneliness. There's an urgent need to include Loneliness Prevention and Alleviation Interventions (LPAIs) in Pandemic Management Plans (PMPs), requiring a well-balanced approach between measures that alleviate isolation and those that prevent virus spread.

Using a mixed methods approach, we aim to fill this research gap by exploring the experiences of those affected by loneliness. The goal is to identify justifiable LPAIs that can inform more empathetic and effective PMPs, ultimately reducing the psychological, physical, and behavioral impacts of social isolation measures during pandemics.

Prof. Dr. Elger presented on this critical topic at a UZH public event on 10.11.2023, underscoring the urgency of addressing loneliness as a pivotal factor in mental and physical health during and beyond pandemics.

Einsamkeit und Solidarität – Braucht die Schweiz ein «Loneliness-Ministerium»?