Agequake in Prisons: The touring photo exhibition on 'Ageing in prison'

Agequake Ausstellung Lenzburg

We use written, visual and audio media to communicate our expert knowledge about ageing in prison to scholars, students, prison staff, medical personnel and the general public.

The demographic change towards an ageing society does not stop at the prison walls. The number of older incarcerated adults is growing, but at the same time, it is a forgotten population group. The typical incarcerated person is often thought of as a young, physically strong, and male person. In Switzerland, however, one in five prisoners is older than 50. Due to this development, prisons face new challenges: What needs do they have? Who should we consider ‘old’? And how should we care for them? The publicity project "Agequake in Prisons: Improving the Knowledge and Awareness on Aging in Prisons" aims to bring the topic of "ageing in prison" outside the walls in order to give space to this current and controversial subject.

The Project

The touring photo exhibition on 'Ageing in prison'

29.03. - 05.04. 2024

Schloss Lenzburg

05.04. - 30.04. 2024

Konferenz Schweizer Gefängnisärzte

13.05. - 23.05. 2024

Zürcher Gemeinschaftszentren

23.05. - 13.06. 2024

Haute école de santé Genève

16.10. - 06.11. 2024

FHNW Muttenz


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