CV of Helene Seaward

Expertise/ Research field: Helene Merkt is currently working as a PhD Candidate on the topic of mental health care and forensic evaluation of aging prisoners and persons serving security measures in Switzerland.

Stations of work: Ms. Merkt completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Psychology at the University of Basel with the specialisation of “Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience”. Her main focus during her master’s degree was the relationship between physical activity and mental health. Whilst studying she gained work experience in multiple aspects such as, working as a research assistant (in the fields of neurology, aging and rehabilitation, and molecular psychology), teaching psychology classes for nursing schools and high schools students, as well as working as an intern for psychological departments of various clinics (psycho-oncology, neuropsychology, and chronic pain therapy).

Additionally, she gained experience in the international field through multiple stays abroad (e.g. Canada, France, Colombia and others).

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Helene Seaward
PhD Student
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