Projects / Publications

Research Interests

Dual-use research in the life sciences, risk benefit evaluation of first-in-human trials in synthetic biology and nanomedicine, animal-human brain chimera, open disclosure of medical errors.


Professional Experience and Education

Sabrina Engel studied biochemistry at the University Bielefeld, Germany, and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, with a focus on immunology and ethics. She also received training in science journalism form the Journalism School Rhein-Ruhr. Sabrina finished her PhD at ETH Zurich in 2008. During her thesis work in the lab of Prof. Ari Helenius, she revised a previously established model on the entry of the mammalian virus SV40 into host cells. Before starting as a postdoctoral research fellow at the IBMB in 2011, she worked in science and medical communications, e.g. for the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF).


Fellowships and Funding

Brocher Foundation Visiting Fellow (2013)

Postdoc grant from the Forschungsfonds of the University Basel

Project support from the Käthe-Zingg-Schwichtenberg-Fonds of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMW)

Boehringer-Ingelheim Fonds, Roche-Research-Foundation, Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Westfälisch-Lippische Universitätsgesellschaft Bielefeld



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