09/2014 – 06/2016    
Master Molecular Medicine (English, 120 ECTS) Uppsala University, Uppsala (Sweden)

11/2015 – 06/2016   
Master thesis: Basel University, Department of Biomedicine, Group Primo Schär. Project title: Triggering DNA methylation changes in colorectal cancer cell line upon BRAF mutation induction.
02/2016 – 06/2016
Extracurricular project in bioethics: Uppsala University, Center for Research Ethics & Bioethics (Heidi Howard). Project title: Ethical issues of gene editing: what does popular media report? 

01/2015 – 10/2015
Extracurricular lab project: Uppsala University, Department of Evolutionary Biology (Lina Emilsson’s lab). Project title: Gene expression analysis of hypoxia related genes in the prefrontal cortex of schizophrenic patients.  

09/2011 – 06/2014
BSc Biomedical Sciences (German and French, 180 ECTS) University of Fribourg, Fribourg (Switzerland), grade 5.0 Bachelor Thesis: Research Group of Prof. Patrice Nordmann, University of Fribourg Project title: Occurrence of Acquired Antibiotic Resistance among Environmental Bacteria.  .

09/2008 – 06/2011
BA Media & Communication (German, 90 ECTS) Minor subjects: Business Economics (30 ECTS) and Contemporary History (60 ECTS) University of Fribourg, Fribourg (Switzerland), grade 5.4 Bachelor Thesis: Die PR-Arbeit der Katholischen Kirche im Bistum Basel. Eine Medieninhaltsanalyse. 

08/2003 – 07/2007
Kantonsschule Wil SG (Switzerland), grade 5.3 Higher education entrance qualification, emphasis on applied mathematics and physics.  

Professional Experience

07/2012 – 06/2016
Student assistant at Bern University of Applied Science, International Relations Office Bern (Switzerland)
‐ Short film production
‐ Establishment and maintenance of databases
‐ Make of enquiries
‐ Representation

10/2014 – 10/2015
Collaborator (20%) at Erikshjälpen Second Hand Store Uppsala (Sweden)
‐ Working in the cafeteria
‐ Preparation of sales products, selling, contact with Swedish customers

09/2012 – 01/2014
Program assistant (20%) at «Bicycles for Africa» (Non profit organisation) Bern (Switzerland)
‐ Responsible for the organization of events in order to collect bicycles: contact with volunteers, writing and  sending of press releases, et cetera.
‐ Creation of flyer, posters and roll ups (using Adobe InDesign)
‐ Administrative tasks

08/2008 – 01/2014
Project collaborator (freelance) for the project “”: a SMS Advent calendar for adolescent and young adults Whole German part of Switzerland
‐ Link and interposition for team members
‐ Development and actualization of the website
‐ Writing and editing of short texts (SMS)
‐ Part of the public relations team

06/2009 – 12/2011
Project assistant (20-­‐40%) at ProjektForum AG (communication agency) Bern (Switzerland)
‐ Part of the organization team for the Swiss child conference 2009
‐ Compilation and layout of the book “Handbuch Gründung Jugendparlamente” (published by Rex Verlag)
‐ Collaboration in diverse other communication projects

08/2007 – 07/2008
Internship (100%) at Juseso Thurgau (youth employment) Weinfelden TG (Switzerland)
‐ Planning and realization of events for teenagers (14 to 16 years): camps and courses
‐ Administrative tasks



Extra Curricular Activities

09/2012 – today
Scholarship from the Swiss Study Foundation (

Member of the organization committee IBANGS Meeting Uppsala (international research meeting)

08/2011 – 06/2014
Trainer and coach of a junior volleyball team at VBC Bösingen (Switzerland).

07/2003 – 01/2014
Organization and accomplishment of summer camps and other events for children and adolescent in Switzerland.


German: Mother Tongue

English: Proficient User (C2), local language study in 10/2006 (Bournemouth, UK)

French: Advanced User (C1), local language study in 08/2010 (Antibes, FR)

Swedish: Basic knowledge (B1), local language study 09/2014-­‐10/2015 (Uppsala, SE)

IT Skills

Extended knowledge in MS office programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

Good knowledge of Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, Joomla! web applications

Basic knowledge of bioinformatic and statistic tools (SPSS, matlab, R)  


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