Professional Experience

01/2014 present
Member of the executive board of MV Life Science Consulting GmbH.

05/2011 present
Administrative manager of the Institute for Biomedical Ethics, University of Basel.

2009 2010
Translations of geographical scripts for the Institute of Geography, University of Zurich (German → English).

2007 2009
Project management of an «Open Space Project» in Gillingham, Dorset, UK: Conversion of a fallow school field into a public playground, orchard and park. Tasks:
• Evaluation of the needs and wishes, cost estimation, planning, public relations (media releases broadcasted on the local radio and published in the local as well as national press), coordination of volunteers and craftsmen, care of sponsors
• Fundraising by taking part in competitions of private charities, submission of applications for public funds, generating resources as donated materials and voluntary workforce as well as by organising fundraising events.

2004 2006
Project manager and member of the executive board of the association «GeoPark Sarganserland-Walensee-Glarnerland», today called «Geopark Sardona» which has emerged from a «RegioPlus-Programm»; contact person to the European Geopark Network; Networking with other Swiss and international geo-scientific organisations and geoparks; editor of the handbook for the geo-guides education.

2004 2006
Editor of «Geoscience Switzerland» the directory of all Swiss geo-scientific institutions and companies (distributed by the Swiss Geological Survey) and account manager of the database «SwissGeoWeb» (the «Geoscience Switzerland» is an export of this online database);
Editor of «GEOforumCH Actuel» the quarterly geo-scientific information bulletin of the Swiss Academy of Sciences.

2003 2006
Member of the board of the «RegioPlus-Programm» «Persönlichkeit Werdenberg» (rural regeneration project); active member of the working group «Naturpark», collaboration in the education «Naturparkführer».

1998 2004
Director of «Platform Geosciences» (formerly «GEOforumCH») the geo-scientific communication platform of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (scnat).

Maternity leave

autumn 1996
Scientific collaborator for the Swiss Geotechnical Commission.

1991 1996
Reserach assistant at the Institute for Mineralogy und Petrography, ETH Zurich: analytical (EMS, TEM, X-Ray) and IT-services, teaching assistant.

Database developer (with ORACLE on UNIX-Plattform) for the Mineralogical and Geological-Palaeontological Collections of the ETH-Zurich.

1988 1990
Auxiliary assistant at the Institute for Mineralogy und Petrography, ETH Zurich: teaching and excursion assistant, IT-support. 

Tutor for mathematics (University of Zurich).

1984 1988
Part-time job as accountant in a fashion producing company: Robex AG, Bassersdorf.

Studies and Courses

CPE Cambridge Proficiency in English

2008 2009
Dorset Adult Learning Course; ESOL Level 2, «exceptional»

1991 1998
PhD Studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography. Research in experimental petrology, numerical modelling, analytics. PhD completed 1998, title of the dissertation: «Aluminium Tschermak Substitution in Chlorite in the System MgO–Al2O3–SiO2–H2O – A Theoretical and Experimental Approach (Diss. ETH. Nr. 12839)».

1985 1990
Diploma Studies at the University of Zurich, at the Earth Science Department.
1990 MSc in Geology (main subject), thesis in structural geology and petrography.
Additional completed subjects: geophysics, palaeontology, petrography, experimental physics, general chemistry, mathematics. Voluntary subject: ICT.

1978 1984
Gymnasium: Kantonsschule Zurich-Oerlikon, Type B (Latin, English, Science).

ICT Skills

ICT-studies on university subsidiary level (graded «exceptional»).

Additional courses in lab-automation (LabView), databases (FileMaker, Access, sql, Oracle, 4D), desktop- and web-publishing (Adobe-packages, Wordpress, css/html - website see here), programming and scientific numerical methods (Fortran, Pascal, C++).


German: mother tongue

English: excellent command of the written and spoken language, CPE

French: good in speech and writing

Czech: good in speech and understanding of the colloquial language

Spanish: basic understanding and communication

Stays Abroad

2006 — 2011
In Gillingham, Dorset, UK

02 — 03/1992

04 — 07/1990
South America: Spanish language course in Peru (Huancayo); cultural trips to Brasil; cross country in Venezuela; Carribeans.

03 — 07/1985
Malaysia (Asia): 1 month in a Sikh family in Kuala Lumpur, 3 months in a traditional Malaysian family (Rengit).

Eastern Europe
All in all several month in various countries of Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Poland.


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