Building Bioethics Capacities in Education and Doctoral Training: A Collaborative Network among Moldova, Romania and Switzerland.

Funding: SNF Scopes Project IZ74Z0_160445/1

Participating Institutions: 
Institute for Biomedical Ethics (IBMB, University of Basel)
The Research Centre in Applied Ethics (CCEA) (University of Bucharest Romania)
Department of philosophy and bioethics of the University of N. Testemitanu (Chișinău, Moldova)
Project period: 1 July 2015 - 30 June 2017

Project Goal: To develop individual and institutional teaching and research capacities in the field of bioethics at the three partner institutes.
The main activities completed and planned:
1)      Exchange visits to IBMB from Romanian and Moldavian scholars (Sept. 2015 – Sept. 2016)
2)      Research Methodology workshop (IBMB – Basel) (4-5February 2016)
3)      International conference on current bioethics in Europe (CCEA - Bucharest) (19-20 May 2016)
4)      PhD summer school in Romania (CCEA) (12-16 Sept. 2016)
5)      Teaching workshop (IBMB - Basel) (3-4 November 2016)
6)      Workshop on Bioethics curricula development in Chișinău (Moldova) (28-29 April 2017)
Team members:
IBMB: Prof. B. S Elger & Dr. T. Wangmo (main applicants) and Dr. De Clercq (coordinator)
CCEA: Dr. E. Mihailov (applicant & coordinator)
N. Testemitanu: Prof. V. Ojovan (applicant) & Victoria Federiuc (coordinator)


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