Ethics of Research with Vulnerable Groups

Project Summary

The development of international guidance for interdisciplinary research including vulnerable groups beyond the field of biomedicine is lagging considerably behind, e.g. in research at the crossroads of psychiatry, psychology and public health.

In this project, relevant international and national ethics codes and guidelines for research will be studied for a systematic review. These sources of normative research ethics will be reviewed by applying the methodology of comparative ethics. The geographical focus will be on countries of the European Union, particularly Eastern European countries including Romania, the home country of the Botnar grant scholar, Ioana Hiriscau.

SEYLE (Saving and Empowering Young Lives in Europe), an FP7 project, serves as a “case example” and will be used to validate or disprove the research question whether specific guidance is required for this type of research. In SEYLE, interventions are studied for young people who are at risk of mental health difficulties, or who already suffer from mental health problems.

The results of the research should be applicable not only for the development of international  guidelines for psychiatry / psychology research, but also to support the design and implementation of prevention and public health programs and interventions.

Project start:

Project Team

Dr Ioana Hiriscau, Postdoc (recipient of Botnar Foundation grant)

Dr Nicola Stingelin (advisor)

Prof. Dr S. Reiter-Theil (supervisor)

Funding organisation

Botnar Foundation, Switzerland, c/o The Dean’s office of the Medical Faculty, University of Basel