Banking together: sharing biological samples among Swiss researchers

Biobanks, which store biological samples, such as blood, DNA, tissue and cells and the data extracted from them, rarely have large enough collections to fully support new research. In addition, the specialised nature of many biobanks means that numerous groups of researchers, at a national and international level, may benefit from access to their samples. It is therefore important for biobanks to make samples available to the research community.

This project aims to identify the problems associated with sharing data and samples between Swiss biobanks, with a particular focus on questions of justice and territoriality. Stakeholders of Swiss biobanks will be interviewed, in order to collect detailed information about possible barriers and solutions to sharing between biobanks.

Who is who


Flora Colledge

PhD Committee of Flora Colledge

Prof. Bernice S. Elger, (Faculty representative), Head of the Institute for Bio- and Medical Ethics, University of Basel

Dr Heidi C. Howard, (Thesis supervisor)

Prof Alberto Bondolfi, (co-referee)
Faculté de Théologie, Université de Genève

Funding by

Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences - Käthe Zingg-Schwichtenberg Fonds