ADAMS (Alzheimer's Disease, Alcoholism, Memory, Schizophrenia): Work Package Ethics -- EU FP7 Project

FP7 "work package ethics" summary

The European Commission has become alerted to the possibility that ethical issues can arise in many research projects, and have responded by requiring that some FP7 projects contain a "work package ethics" as part of their work program. This is the case with the emerging science ADAMS project that covers potentially sensitive issues, and involves some vulnerable groups. Accordingly it was a requirement that the ADAMS project allocated resources for a Work Package Ethics. This work package undertakes accompanying ethics research, and provides support for the ADAMS research consortium in their fulfilment of their obligations in the light of FP7 and European Commission requirements.

ADAMS project summary
The aim of ADAMS is the search and analysis of genomic variations underlying Alzheimer’s disease (AD), alcoholism and schizophrenia. Although the genomic variations presumably associated with AD, alcoholism and schizophrenia have been described in preliminary studies for European populations, the significance of the putatively associated alleles, genetic background as well as the role of environmental factors are still poorly understood. ADAMS is extending the studies of genomic variations that underlie these diseases by performing genome-wide association analysis in cohorts of patients and normal individuals from several ethnic populations of Europe and Russia. Candidate regions, both newly found and reported previously for these diseases will be additionally analyzed by sequencing. Such large scale population studies combined with deep analysis of particular genes and genomic regions will allow ADAMS to reveal genetic reasons for susceptibility to these diseases. Comparison of several ethnic cohorts (different populations from Russia and Central/Western and Southern Europe) will also help to elucidate the influence of genetic background and environmental factors on the etiology of neuropsychiatric diseases.

Project start:

Project team (Basel)

Prof. Dr A. Papassotiropoulos, Director of the Division of Molecular Psychology, University of Basel (Scientific Coordinator ADAMS)

Dr Nicola Stingelin, MBA, MAE, MAS,

Prof. Dr Stella Reiter-Theil (Project Leader, Work Package Ethics)

Funding Organisation

7th framework programme of the European Union (ADAMS project, HEALTH-F4-2009-242257).


ADAMS is a European-Russian collaboration involving 12 partners: 6 across Europe, and 6 across Russia.