Peer reviewed journal articles

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Chapter in a book

  • Selim N.; Satalkar P. (2008) ‘Mental’ illness perceptions. In: van der Geest S.; Selim N. & Zaman S. (eds) Daily health concerns in Kakabo: Anthropological explorations in a Bangladeshi village. Dhaka: James P. Grant School of Public Health, 53-62

Book review

  • Satalkar, P. (2014) Book review of Kaebnick G. and Murray T.: 2013, Synthetic Biology and Morality. Artificial Life and the Bounds of Nature. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Med Health Care and Philos 17(3): 477-478.

  • Satalkar P. (2010) Book review of Akhavi, Negar (ed) AIDS sutra: Untold stories from India. Medische Antropologie 22(2), 433-434

Oral presentations in Academic Conferences

  • Satalkar P (2017). 'I want to be my own author!’ Debate on 'completed life' and right to euthanasia in the Netherlands. 6th National Bioethics Conference, Pune, India. 12th to 15th January 2017.

  • Satalkar P & Shaw D (2017). Writing their own rules? Researcher perspectives on authorship guidelines. 6th National Bioethics Conference, Pune, India. 12th to 15th January 2017.

  • Satalkar P (2015).  Balancing the 'global' and the 'local': Case of clinical trials regulation in India. Global Health Bioethics Conference, Oxford, UK. 29th 30th September 2015.

  • Satalkar P.; Genske A.; Shaw D.; Engel S.; Elger B.S. (2013) Assessment of risks and benefits of FIH trails in nanomedicine-Enquiry through empirical research in Bioethics, 12th Annual IAS-STS Conference “Critical Issues in Science and Technology Studies”, Graz, Austria

  • Satalkar P.; Shaw D.; Elger B.S. (2013) Nano Tech, mega risks? Ethical uncertainties in first-in-human trials of nanotechnology, 27th European conference on philosophy of medicine and health care, Basel, Switzerland

  • Satalkar P. (2013) Challenges of translational research in medical applications of nanotechnology, International conference for young scholars on research ethics, Hannover, Germany

  • Satalkar P.; Shaw D.; Elger B.S. (2013) The embryogenesis of nanomedicine: working through ethical challenges of FIH trials, 5th International Conference on pharmaceutical life cycle, Driebergen, the Netherlands

  • Satalkar P. (2013) Teasing out ethical issues of nanomedicine, Summer school on ethics of emerging technology, Utrecht, the Netherlands. This is a web based seminar where the PhD student has been invited to give a talk on her PhD research.

  • Satalkar P.; Shaw D.; Elger B.S. (2013) What is risk anyway? Differential discourse on risk of first in human trials in nanomedicine, International conference of American Anthropological Association, Chicago, United States

  • Satalkar P. (2012) No space for love, Annual meeting of Association of American Geographers, New York, United States


Poster presentations in Academic Conferences

  • Satalkar P.; Genske A.; Shaw D.M.; Elger B.S. (2013) First in Human (FIH) Trials of Nanomedicine: A fine balance between caution and progress. CLINAM Conference (Clinical Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine) Basel Switzerland

  • Satalkar P.; Christen M. (2013) Defining and Defying Death: Making Sense of Brain Death and Cadaveric Organ Donation in India, International Neuroethics Society Annual Meeting, San Diego, California, United States



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