Publications of Evelyn Anane-Sarpong


  • Anane-Sarpong E.; Wangmo T.;  Sankoh O.; Tanner M. &  Elger B.S. (2016) Application of Ethical Principles to Research Using Public Health Data in the Global South: Perspectives from Africa. Developing World Bioethics. Published Online

  • Anane-Sarpong E. (2009) Stakeholder Perceptions of the Ethics of Qualitative Health Research in Ghana [MPH Thesis]. Pretoria (Gauteng): University of Pretoria

  • Olola C.; Missinou M.A.; Issifou S.; Anane-Sarpong E.; Abubakar I., Gandi J.N.; Chagomerana M.; Pinder M.; Agbenyega T.; Kremsner P.G.; Newton CRJC; Wypij D.; Taylor T.E. (2006) on Behalf of the SMAC Network.  Standardized Data Collection for Multi-Center Clinical Studies of Severe Malaria in African Children: Establishing the SMAC Network. Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg. *See the last page of the article for the members of SMAC network

  • Anane-Sarpong E. (2005) Designing a Management System for the Coordination of Research Projects at the School of Medical Sciences, KNUST [MSc Thesis]. Kumasi (Ashanti): Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

  • Newton RJC; Valim C.;  Krishna S.; Wypij D.; Olola C.; Agbenyega T.; Taylor T.E. (2005) for the Severe Malaria in Africa Network*. The Prognostic Value of Measures of Acid/Base Balance in Pediatric Falciparum Malaria, Compared with Other Clinical and Laboratory Parameters. Clin Infect Dis ;41 (7): 948-957. *See the last page of the article for the members of SMAC network


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