Publications of Esther Abin

Articles published in International Peer Review journals

  • Abin E.: “Between autonomy and dependency: how can we conceive of vulnerable patients with dementia?” (in progress)

  • Abin E.: “Can political scepticism be politically progressive?” in Jurisprudence, Hart Publishing Oxford 2014 (in progress)

  • Abin E.: "PoliticalRealism, Contingency and Philosophy” in Redescriptions, Year Book of Political Thought, Conceptual History and Feminist Theory, Volume 16, 2013.

  • Abin E.: “Bernard Williams on R.G. Collingwood: Distinctions and Assimilations” (co-authored with S. Leach), Journal of Theoretical and Applied Ethics, 2011

  • Abin E.: Law as a Culture: An Invitation (Lawrence Rosen), revue In-Spire e-journal, June 2008 Isseue

Articles/Chapters in edited Books

  • Abin E.: “Republican rationality and the democratic deficit of French political representation”, in Suvi Soininen & Tuula Vaarakallio (eds) in Challenges for Parliamentary Politics:  Power of Mistrust, Economic Preconditions, Populist Pressure. (Routledge: London 2014)

  • Abin E.: “Making Sense: The Possibility of Truthfulness in Politics”, in S. Baiasu and S. Loriaux (eds.) in Engaging Kantian Sincerity in Politics: Publicity, Rhetoric and Institutions (Routledge: London 2014)

  • Abin E.: “Bernard Williams and RG Collingwood: a difference of philosophical method”, in The Moral Philosophy of Bernard Williams (Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Cambridge 2013)

Selected public presentations

"Animalité et Souveraineté" (2014)
Sciences-po Lille

"Avons-nous un problème avec la démocratie parlementaire ?" (2013)
ESPOL, Université Catholique de Lille

Respondent at the “Workshop on Federalism: recognition and redistribution in multinational federations”
University KU Leuven, Belgium (2013)

Respondent at the conference “Global Justice and Global Democracy” (2012)
University of Nijmegen, Netherlands

“Why should we care about democracy? Towards a sensitive approach to democratic values” (2012)
CEVIPOF Sciences-po Paris, MANCEPT workshop, Manchester University

“Can philosophical scepticism be politically progressive?” (2012)
Ideals and Reality in Social Ethics conference, University of Wales

“Political Rationality and Contingency” (2011)
CONCEPTA workshop, Université de Jyväskylä, (Finlande)

“Making Sense: towards truthfulness in politics” (2011)
ECPR research sessions, Université de St-Gall

“Practical Reasoning and Contingency” (2010)
MANCEPT workshop, Manchester Metropolitan University

“Realism, Rationality and Fortune” (2009)
MANCEPT workshop, Manchester Metropolitan University

“The Institutionalization of Legitimacy: a Political Threat?” (2008)
International Studies Associations conference, San-Francisco

“Democracy at the Crossroads of Risk and Protection” (2008)
Millennium conference, London School of Economics