Förderpreis der Josef und Luise Kraft-Stiftung München, "Menschenrechte und Ethik in der Medizin für Ältere", 2018

The award (second prize) has been attributed to PD Dr. Tenzin Wangmo, Dr. Violet Handtke, Dr. Wiebke Bretschneider and Prof.  Dr. Bernice Elger from IBMB for their research on „Menschenrechte und Ethik: Die Gesundheitsversorgung von...

IBMB Interdisciplinary Bioethics School, 16.-18. October 2018

The workshop is open to all interested persons. Please register at Flyer Bioethics School 2018

Symposium: Ethical Issues in Big Data Research, 29. November 2018

Big Data is increasingly used in science, the humanities and medicine and to generate novel evidence based findings across multiple disciplines. However, research using big data also raises important ethical questions. The aim of the...

New article: A scoping review of empirical evidence on the impacts of the DRG introduction in Germany and Switzerland

Insa Koné, Bettina Maria Zimmermann, Karin Nordström, Bernice Simone Elger, Tenzin Wangmo Published 13. November 2018 The International Journal of Health Planning and Management Summary Context Germany and Switzerland have...

PhD Dissertation Award - Academic Year 2016/17. Medical Feaculty, University of Basel, September 201: Dr. Priya Satalkar

Title of dissertation: "Challenges of translational research in cutting edge medical technology: A case of first-in-human (FIH) trials ofmedical applications of nanotechnology", Basel 2015

Vontobel-Preis für Alter(n)sforschung 2018

Dr. Marcello Ienca and Dr. Tenzin Wangmo receive the prize for their research on "Intelligent Assistive Technology for Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias: A Systematic Review", (Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, 56 (2017), 1301–1340),...

How integral is integrity to your research?

What is academic integrity? How do we acquire it? Who sets the rules? These are some of the questions that ethicist Priya Satalkar discusses in her contribution on Sci Five.

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The determinants of individual health care expenditures in prison: evidence from Switzerland

Prison health systems are subject to increasing pressures given the specific health needs of a growing and aging prison population. Identifying the drivers of medical spending among incarcerated individuals is therefore key for health care...

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The law as a barrier to error disclosure: A misguided focus

Abstract: At the core of the patient safety movement is the open communication about medical errors. It is seen as important that errors are reported so that opportunities for system improvements can be identified and addressed, and...

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Can routine data from prisoners' files be used to estimate prevalence rates of illicit drug use among prisoners?

Abstract: Objectives: The paper examines whether routine data from prisoners’ files is a useful basis to estimate prevalence rates of illicit drug use among prisoners. Methods Medico-legal files of 190 younger (20–49 years) and 190 older...