Contemporary Debates in Bioethics: Life and Mental Health in Prisons

Prison is an important part of our society and yet it is strangely invisible. We plan to make it more visible by presenting different aspects such as the history of sentences and measures, prison life, older prisoners or the role of punishment and possible alternatives. We want to present the views of different stakeholders – like defense lawyers, prisoners themselves, health researchers or forensic experts – in order to offer a broad range of perspectives and allow a nuanced approach on this sensitive topic. Over the course of a semester, participants will get to know and discuss various problems and challenges related to detention in Switzerland, and also be able to express their positions during lectures and homework. The lecture series will feature leading national and international experts in the field.

Location: Klinikum 1, Hörsaal 1, University Hospital Basel (Spitalstrasse 21)





Introduction to Prisons in Switzerland

Daniel Fink, University of Lausanne


Das strafrechtliche Massnahmenrecht als Enklave des Ausnahmezustandes? (in German)

Stephan Bernard, lawyer


Die Ernährung von Strafgefangenen im historisches Kontext (in German)

Peter Schulthess, photographer


Restorative Justice

Claudia Christen, lawyer


Old Age Forensic Psychiatry

Claudio di Lorito, researcher University of Nottingham


Mental Health of Prisoners – Prevalence, Comorbidities, and Suicide Risk

Seena Fazel, researcher Oxford University


Aktuelle Perspektiven in der Behandlung von Straftätern (in German)

Bernd Borchard, psychologist


Migrants as Patients and as staff members in forensic Therapy

Klaus Hoffmann, psychiatrist


Gefängnisstrafe und Haft – wie wirkt sich das auf die psychische Gesundheit aus? (in German)

Monika Egli-Alge, psychologist


Death in custody

Eveline Thoonen, lawyer


Massnahmen nach Art. 59/64 StGB  in der Praxis (in German)

Charles Jakober, prison direct & Lutz Hiersemenzel, psychiatrist